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Smoke Genie Professional Smoke Machine for Creators

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Smoke Genie Professional Smoke Machine for Creators

SmokeGENIE is the creation of Practical Magic and Innovations (PMI) based in Hong Kong and founded in 2021 by Kelvin Chow, Peter Zhao, and Micky Wong. The creators say that they wanted to create a device that is capable of adding smoke or atmospheric haze to a scene without needing caustic materials or a giant machine. The company claims its device can literally make a stationary cloud in the sky with no need for special effects.

The company says that the “smoke” that is produced by the device is thicker than the smoke produced by standard smoke machines and is capable of making a cloud stay inside of a jar for a short period of time. It is also so viscous that it is “pourable” and will appear to even “stick” to a subject for a short time.

The device was born out of a desire to make creating smoke for use in photography and filmmaking not only easier to deploy but far more pleasant to work with. The team started by looking at the capabilities of vaping devices before building their own custom tool that doesn’t have the overheating and explosive issues that consumer-level vape pens can have when overtaxed while also is capable of creating a much thicker, longer-lasting smoke effect.

PMI also claims that it is far less harmful than what is typically used in the industry. Instead of using harmful chemicals, the team chose a glycerin-based solution that smells “pleasant” and is non-toxic. When asked about the safety of glycerin smoke, Chow tells PetaPixel that while it has not been tested specifically for vaping, it has been tested extensively for theatrical use.

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SmokeGENIE is a handheld fog and haze machine that has its own operational limits:

  • Our machine creates a Glycerin-based fog, meaning it has the same issue with all theatrical foggers and hazers: it WILL TRIGGER ionisation-type electronic Smoke Detectors. However it will NOT trigger traditional "Red glass" type smoke alarms, since they are only temperature sensitive.
  • Do NOT operate the machine with an INVERTED Smoke Chamber; i.e. do not use the SmokeGENIE while it is upside down. This will block the liquid from reaching the heating coil, and will damage the machine. 
  • Do NOT try to make smoke with an empty tank. This will cause the smoke chamber to burn dry and will cause permanent damage to the heating coils. 
  • Do NOT aim the machine towards the human eye, unless it is passing through our extension tubing or adaptor nozzles. Our smoke is a warm to the touch, but the tip of the chamber is really hot and might occasionally spray droplets of hot glycerin.
  • In normal use our smoke can spray continuously for several minutes without break. However at the highest smoke Intensities (lv. 4 and 5) they are designed for short bursts only. DO NOT spray smoke beyond 10 second bursts in the highest intensity.
  • Our Machine is not fire-proof nor water-proof. Any damage by Fire or water will void the warranty immediately. 
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Smoke Genie Professional Smoke Machine for Creators