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Leofoto HX-22 Center Column Tilt Adapter for LX-225CT / LX-224CT Tripod

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Leofoto HX-22 Center column tilt adapter for Urban LX-225CT

The HX-22 tilt adapter is a tripod head to tilt the center column of the Leofoto Urban LX-225CT tripod so that it is positioned horizontally above the tripod. Tilting the center column is very interesting to use for topview and/or macro photography. You can hang counterweight on the hook at the opposite end of the camera if necessary. The maximum weight the HX-22 can carry is 6 kilos.

Combining with the Urban Tripod

The base platform with a diameter of 41mm has at the bottom a UNC 3/8-Inch screw hole through which this tiltable center column adapter can be mounted on the Urban tripod plate. The center column 22mm slides smoothly through the round opening with anti-rotation groove. The base of the tripod head can rotate horizontally by 360 and can tilt vertically by 90 , has a built-in level and is adjustable with a gray wing nut. The tooth locking system of the vertical pivot gives you more control while adjusting the vertical tilt angle. Due to the use of carbon and lightweight aircraft aluminum, the HX-22 weighs only 196 grams.

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Leofoto HX-22 Center Column Tilt Adapter