2016 Smartphone Photo Editing "FLAWLESS" by DWL

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belajar edit foto dengan handphone

DWL, together with DOSS Camera & Gadget, Proudly Present 

2016 Smartphone Photo Editing Workshop & Photoshoot



Let's learn how to edit the portrait photo flawlessly with your smartphone 

Bring your smartphone and you can do it anywhere and anytime


Date: Saturday, 10 September 2015

Time: 09-17 (Morning for Photoshoot Session, Afternoon for Photo Retouch)

Place: DOSS Kyai Maja, Jl. Kyai Maja No.43F (for photo session & workshop)

Model: Reva Rebecca & Theresia Bella

Concept: Beauty, Casual, Sexy

Lighting Supported by DOSS: Godox & Ice Light


In this workshop you will learn:

- The basic principle of Smartphone Editing and what you really need to know about it

- The core and supportive applications for Smartphone Editing

- The workflow and effective working proccess of Smartphone Editing

- How to edit a flawless portrait photo through your smartphone

- The joy of smartphone editing and your own style of it


What to bring:

1. Android (or iOS) based Smartphone with the editing apps in it (Will be informed). Tablet and iPad are also welcome.

2. Camera and lens. It is suggested to bring 50mm equivalent fix lens.

3. Tools to move your photos from Camera to Smartphone (Eg: Laptop, Card Reader, USB OTG Reader, Camera with Wifi, Memory Card with Wifi, etc)

4. Good learning attitude

5. On-time attendance

6. Pen & Paper


Investment: IDR 500K (Until 31 August 2016) or IDR 600K (1-9 September 2016) - No OTS


This workshop is open for public and limited for 20 participants only


For informations & further details, pls contact:

1. Daniel William (WA 0818-707-752 / BBM 7CD92BE4 )

2. Randy Adiredja ( 0897-8885-859 / BBM D1268FE2 )


For registration, pls open https://doss.co.id/workshop . or if you are an Android user please download DOSS application via Google Playstore. The steps to register are:

1. click workshop product that you wish to join then add to cart

2. view cart

3. checkout and follow the steps on screen


More info: ( 021 ) 2930-5688 Ext-101 (DOSS Kyai Maja)


Best Regards,



PS: The workshop material is different with last year's workshop. So get ready for the new experience.

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