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Westcott 32" Rapid Box Duo Speedlite Modifier

The 32" Rapid Box Duo Speedlite Modifier from Westcott uses an adjustable d..

IDR 4,350,000 Ex Tax: IDR 4,350,000

Westcott 43" Apollo Orb

Wescott's 43" Apollo Orb is the first octagonal softbox that works without an adapter ..

IDR 2,150,000 Ex Tax: IDR 2,150,000

Westcott 5-in-1 Reflector Disc - 40.5"

The Westcott 40.5" 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector is versatile in the field and in the ..

IDR 650,000 Ex Tax: IDR 650,000

Westcott Barn Doors for Ice Light

Constructed of lightweight metal, the Barn Doors for Ice Light from Westcott run..

IDR 810,000 Ex Tax: IDR 810,000

Westcott Halo Round Softbox - 45" (115 cm)

The Westcott 45" Round Halo is a softbox that mounts like an umbrella onto many ..

IDR 1,800,000 Ex Tax: IDR 1,800,000


Westcott Omega Reflector Kit

The 38 x 45" Omega Reflector Kit from Westcott is innovative light control ..

IDR 2,000,000 Ex Tax: IDR 2,000,000


Westcott Rapid Box 26 Inch Octa Softbox

The Westcott Rapid Box - 26" Octa Softbox lives up to its name by providing a soft qu..

IDR 2,100,000 Ex Tax: IDR 2,100,000

Westcott Recessed Mega JS Apollo (50 x 50")

The Westcott Recessed Mega JS Apollo (50 x 50") is a softbox based on an umbrella fra..

IDR 4,050,000 Ex Tax: IDR 4,050,000

Westcott White Satin Umbrella with Removable Black Cover (45")

This 45" White Satin Umbrella with Removable Black Cover from Westcott can ..

IDR 500,000 Ex Tax: IDR 500,000