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Procore Baby Stand MYA-3000

Procore Baby Stand MYA-3000 Minimum height: 990mm/39" Maximum height: 3000mm/118" Clo..

IDR 2,015,000 Ex Tax: IDR 2,015,000

Procore Boom Stand M-5

Procore Boom Stand M-5 Minimum height: 1250mm Maximum height: 3850mm Closed Length: 1250mm Net..

IDR 2,830,000 Ex Tax: IDR 2,830,000

Procore Boom Stand M-6

Procore Boom Stand M-6 Minimum height: 1490mm/59" Maximum height: 4080mm/161" Closed ..

IDR 3,675,000 Ex Tax: IDR 3,675,000

Procore Boom Stand M-7

Procore Boom Stand M-7 Minimum height: 1685mm/66" Maximum height: 4620mm/182" Closed ..

IDR 3,960,000 Ex Tax: IDR 3,960,000

Procore Boom Stand M-8

Procore Boom Stand M-8 Minimum height: 1680mm/66" Maximum height: 5320mm/209" Closed ..

IDR 4,525,000 Ex Tax: IDR 4,525,000

Procore Boom Stand M16-1336FS

Procore Boom Stand M16-1336FS Minimum height: 1300mm/51" Maximum height: 3000mm/76" C..

IDR 7,485,000 Ex Tax: IDR 7,485,000

Procore Boom Stand M16-2002AB

Procore Boom Stand M16-2002AB Minimum height: 1500mm Maximum height: 3200mm Closed Length: 1660..

IDR 5,090,000 Ex Tax: IDR 5,090,000

Procore C Stand K-1

Procore C Stand K-1 Minimum height: 1450mm/57" Maximum height: 3280mm/129" Closed Lengt..

IDR 2,420,000 Ex Tax: IDR 2,420,000

Procore C Stand K-3

Procore-C-Stand-K-3 Minimum height: 1450mm/57" Maximum height: 3280mm/114.2" Closed L..

IDR 2,420,000 Ex Tax: IDR 2,420,000

Procore Combo Stand MF-1500F

Procore Combo Stand MF-1500F Minimum height: 1000mm Maximum height: 1500mm Closed Length: 930mm..

IDR 2,850,000 Ex Tax: IDR 2,850,000

Procore Combo Stand MF-3000F

Procore Combo Stand MF-3000F Minimum height: 1400mm/55" Maximum height: 3100mm/122" C..

IDR 2,190,000 Ex Tax: IDR 2,190,000

Procore Combo Stand MF-4000F

Procore Combo Stand MF-4000F Minimum height: 1440mm/57" Maximum height: 4100mm/161" C..

IDR 2,475,000 Ex Tax: IDR 2,475,000

Procore Floor Stand L-100

Procore Floor Stand L 100 Minimum height: 150mm. Maximum height: 150mm. Closed Length: 105mm. ..

IDR 255,000 Ex Tax: IDR 255,000

Procore Light Stand L-2800FP

L-2800FP Minimum height: 960mm. Maximum height: 2800mm. Closed Length: 835mm. Net weight: 1.95 k..

IDR 620,000 Ex Tax: IDR 620,000

Procore Light Stand L-3000P

L-3000P Minimum height: 1220mm. Maximum height: 3000mm. Closed Length: 1040mm. Net weight: 2.18k..

IDR 800,000 Ex Tax: IDR 800,000


Procore PC003 Stand Kit

Procore PC003 Stand Kit ProCore PC003 C Stand Kit merupakan ultimate light stand pilihan profesio..

IDR 2,050,000 Ex Tax: IDR 2,050,000