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DOSS superstore menjual Tripod & Monopod E-IMAGE dengan harga dan kualitas terbaik. Dapatkan harga terbaik untuk Tripod & Monopod E-IMAGE hanya di DOSS superstore / DOSS Camera & Gadget.

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EImage FH10

Over view EIMAGE  FH10 Z tyle Folding head is made of high quality CNC Machined aluminum,w..

IDR 825,000 Ex Tax: IDR 825,000

EImage FH20

Deskripsi E-Image FH-20 Mounting Bracket E-Image FH-20 Mounting Bracket Harap tanyakan kete..

IDR 925,000 Ex Tax: IDR 925,000

EImage Articulating Arm EIA49

EImage Articulating Arm EIA49 Sturdy locking system, making it highly stable and durable Preci..

IDR 500,000 Ex Tax: IDR 500,000

EImage Articulating Arm EIA50

EImage Articulating Arm EIA50 The E-Image EI-A50 is a heavy duty articulating arm for Monitors an..

IDR 565,000 Ex Tax: IDR 565,000

EImage Articulating Arm EIA51

EImage Articulating Arm EI-A51 The E-Image EI-A51 is a heavy duty articulating arm for Monitors a..

IDR 650,000 Ex Tax: IDR 650,000


EImage Boom Pole BA12

EImage Boom Pole BA12 The 11' 5-Section Telescoping Aluminum Microphone Boompole fr..

IDR 1,395,000 Ex Tax: IDR 1,395,000

EImage Boom Pole BC12

EImage Boom Pole BC12 The 11' 5-Section Telescoping Carbon Fiber Microphone Boompole&nbs..

IDR 2,100,000 Ex Tax: IDR 2,100,000


EImage Double Slider ES35

EImage Double Slider ES35 The E-Image ES35 slider uses a unique tracking mechanism that provides ..

IDR 2,800,000 Ex Tax: IDR 2,800,000


EImage Double Slider ES50

EImage Double Slider ES50 The ES50 Slider uses a unique tracking mechanism that allows the rails ..

IDR 3,075,000 Ex Tax: IDR 3,075,000

EImage EAT150 150mm Tripod

EImage EAT150 150mm Tripod The E-Image EAT150 Aluminum Video Tripod Legs is designed an..

IDR 8,345,000 Ex Tax: IDR 8,345,000

EImage EAT150S 150 mm Tripod

EImage EAT150S 150 MM Tripod E-Image EAT-150S 150 MM adalah tripod baru yang sedang dikembangkan ..

IDR 5,515,000 Ex Tax: IDR 5,515,000


EImage EG03A2 Video Tripod and Head Kit EImage

EImage EG03A2 Video Tripod and Head Kit EImage​ E-Image 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod Legs with GH03 He..

IDR 3,745,000 Ex Tax: IDR 3,745,000


EImage EG04AS Tripod Kit

EImage EG04AS Tripod Kit Two-Stage Aluminium Tripod System from E-Image This tripod system fro..

IDR 2,750,000 Ex Tax: IDR 2,750,000

EImage EI7004C Tripod Dolly

EImage EI7004C Tripod Dolly​ The E-Image Tripod Dolly is designed for use with all E-Image tripod..

IDR 3,000,000 Ex Tax: IDR 3,000,000


EImage EI7500 Baby Tripod

EImage EI7500 Baby Tripod The E-Image Hi-Hat with 75/100mm Bowl allows you to capture low-angle s..

IDR 1,825,000 Ex Tax: IDR 1,825,000


EImage EI7502 Baby Tripod

EImage EI7502 Baby Tripod  The E-Image Baby Tripod Legs with Combination 75/100 mm Bowl..

IDR 3,075,000 Ex Tax: IDR 3,075,000


Eimage EK610 Tripod Stand Kit with Fluid Head

Fitur Produk Bahan - Aluminium Kepala video - EH610 Tripod - AT610  Plat - GP..

IDR 2,000,000 Ex Tax: IDR 2,000,000

EImage Long Plate P8

EImage Long Plate P-8 The EI-P8 is a long sliding plate for the E-Image EG05 tripods. Key Feat..

IDR 800,000 Ex Tax: IDR 800,000


EImage MA80 (MA50+EI01H) Aluminum Monopod

  Image MA80 (MA50+EI01H) Aluminum Monopod E-Image Monopod MA-80 yang cocok untuk berbaga..

IDR 2,200,000 Ex Tax: IDR 2,200,000

*Free Lexar 32Gb 633x
*Berlaku 01 s/d 31 Oktober 2020

EImage Mini Articulating Arm EIA52

EImage Mini Articulating Arm EIA52 The E-Image EI-A52 is a simple way to add position adjustment ..

IDR 200,000 Ex Tax: IDR 200,000